For 50 years, BIOTRONIK has been innovating with a focus on significance. We are committed to continuously broadening the frontiers of what is possible in disease therapies, by focusing on innovations that will truly make a unique and valuable difference.

The foundation of "excellence for life"

BIOTRONIK innovates to make a significant difference: cardiac rhythm management, electrophysiology and vascular intervention we have pioneered some of the most important superior quality solutions for increasing therapy efficacy, streamlining clinic workflow and improving quality of life. And - of the many unique technologies we have delivered - several remain unmatched in the industry.






















Home Monitoring
Simplicity of care. Anytime, anywhere. 
First and only wireless remote patient monitoring system with FDA and CE approval for early detection and remote follow-up.

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BIOTRONIK Home Monitoring®,
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2 ProMRI® *
More access. More options.
The industry’s broadest portfolio of MR-conditional approved cardiac devices and leads.

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3 Closed Loop Stimulation
Unique physiological therapy.
The only sensing system in the world that can trigger changes in heart rate in order to optimize cardiovascular flow during mental excitement or stress.

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Closed Loop Stimulation, 
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4 Fractal Coating
More efficient, more effective energy.
Unique technology that significantly increases the bioeffective surface area to that equal to magazine cover, for low chronic thresholds and better sensing

5 Gold-tip ablation *
Truly worth its weight in gold.
Gold-tip technology clinically proven to allow for superior cooling and deeper ablation lesion creation.

Making metal biologically invisible.
Proprietary silicon carbide passive coating clinically proven to enhance the biocompatibility of permanent stents.

The future of vascular stenting.
Development of the world’s only drug eluting absorbable metal scaffold.

8 DX Atrial Sensing
Unique protection.
Capable of detecting new onset of atrial fibrillation with only a single chamber ICD.


* Not currently available in the USA

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