Our Company

One of the world’s leading manufacturers of cardio- and endovascular medical devices, BIOTRONIK is headquartered in Berlin, Germany, and represented in over 100 countries. Several million patients have received BIOTRONIK implants designed to save lives and improve quality of life.

Our Mission
Our mission is to develop and manufacture products of the highest quality that save patients’ lives and improve their quality of life. We deliver innovative cardio- and endovascular solutions that address the needs of patients and physicians. From the very beginning, we have had a passion for developing and manufacturing the most precise and highest quality products on the market.

Our Vision
BIOTRONIK strives to incorporate our vision of “excellence for life” in everything we do. 

We uphold the highest standard of QUALITY, down to the last detail.
We leave nothing to chance and take our time to do things right.
We manufacture high-quality products which strive to ensure patients’ SAFETY at all times.
From design to manufacturing, we engineer devices that surpass industry safety and reliability standards.Our therapies are clinically proven, prevent sudden cardiac arrest, and benefit patients, for example in reducing hospitalization.
We continuously innovate superior SOLUTIONS.
We collaborate closely with experts to develop products that address the needs of physicians and patients. BIOTRONIK Home Monitoring®, ProMRI® and Orsiro, the first hybrid drug-eluting stent, are just some of our most valued innovations.
We offer our customers excellent SERVICE.
From educating physicians about how to implant devices to supporting them in person during complicated implantations, we offer our customers unmatched educational, logistical and technical support.

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